Bookmarklets in the Macintosh Apple Menu

...this can fix bookmarklets that aren't working

  On the Apple Macintosh there is a menu available under the Apple icon at the left of the menu bar. Netscape users can put bookmarklets under that menu instead of the Bookmarks menu. There are good reasons to do this:
  • The Macintosh was designed to work best when there are several shallow menus rather than one deeply nested menu.
  • Netscape help says that it is a bad idea to have more than a few hundred bookmarks on a Macintosh.
  • Some bookmarklets won't work in later versions of Netscape unless you put them in the Apple Menu (or on the desktop, as described below.)
  • By putting all bookmarklets in the Apple Menu you can seperate them from ordinary bookmarks. Put the "verbs" (the bookmarklets) at left and the "nouns" (the bookmarks) at right.
To put a bookmarklet in your Apple Menu:
  1. First put the bookmarklet in your Bookmarks (that is, keep it in the usual way, by dragging it from the page to your open Bookmarks window).
  2. With your Bookmarks window open, drag the bookmarklet from the Bookmarks window to your desktop. This should create a Netscape bookmark file.
  3. Drag this bookmark file and drop it in your Apple Menu Items folder (located in your System folder).
That's it! Now when you pull down the Apple Menu you should see the bookmarklet - you can use it immediately on the frontmost Netscape window.

Tip: Make a new folder (call it "Bookmarklets", or whatever) and place it in your Apple Menu Items folder. If you put all your bookmarklets in this folder then your Apple Menu won't become too cluttered.

Another Tip: If you have a big enough screen, you can use your desktop as a kind of personal toolbar. After step 2 above, just leave the bookmark file on your desktop. If you double-click the bookmark file icon then the bookmarklet will operate on the frontmost Netscape window.

Yet Another Tip: You may find it convenient to keep your Bookmarklets folder on the desktop, or in some other folder besides the Apple Menu Items folder. You can still get bookmarklets in the Apple Menu by making an alias for the Bookmarklets folder and dropping the alias in your Apple Menu Items folder. (To make an alias, select the folder, then choose "Make Alias" from the File menu.)